1,000+ business owners, students, and corporate leaders have turned to Liddy Enterprises to help them start, grow, and scale to meet customer demands in dynamic markets.


With over 25 years of corporate experience and previous P&L responsibility for hundred-million dollar business lines, John Liddy knows what it takes to succeed in business. He's now bringing that experience to bear for a select set of clients seeking to scale their businesses and reinvent their industries.

John travels the world consulting with small one person startups to large corporate and collegiate clients, helping them identify strategic growth opportunities and execute evolving strategies which drive lasting change. He's developed high impact university accelerator programs for student entrepreneurs and AI driven startup incubators for nationally renowned economic development organizations. John knows how to get your business from A-to-Z efficiently, effectively, and profitably.


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Building Scalable Innovation Growth Systems

Innovation Accelerator Programs

From identifying your company's most promising in-house technology to commercializing them, I design and manage best-in-class accelerator programs for corporations looking to grow.

Innovation Workshops

My specially developed workshops on corporate strategy, innovation management, and customer development are perfect for organizations looking to maximize resources and profits.

1-on-1 Coaching

Never go alone in business, I'm on-call to coach you through thorning negotiations, large considered purchases, or corporate transitions that are make or break moments for your business.

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Catalyzing Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercialization 

Startup Accelerator Programs

Give your institution's entrepreneurs the skills, resources, and connections they need to succeed with one of my custom designed startup accelerators that work with your academic calendar.

Commercialization Workshops

Your institution likely has tens of millions of dollars worth of IP needing to be commercialized. My commercialization workshops engage your researchers and move your technologies beyond the lab.

Course Design

From unique immersion programs that engage alumni and deliver life changing student experiences to regularized course offerings, I specialize in experiential learning instructional design.

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Creating Economic Growth Through Collaboration

Business Incubator Programs

Soup to nuts business incubator creation and management is my specialty. From short 3-month cohorts to year long programs, I'm here to jumpstart your startup incubator program.

Econ-Dev Workshops

From customer discovery to operations strategy, I have a library of workshops designed specifically for small and medium businesses working with local economic developers.

EIR Coaching

As Entrepreneur-in-Residence for your econ-dev organization, I'm on-call for your businesses that need spur of the moment help on sales, operations, and corporate strategy.

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