Community Services


We believe job growth can occur in any ecosystem through diverse collaborations between
business owners, citizens, and public leaders.


Making business communities transparent

Research informs our understanding of a community’s market systems, key influencers, and entrepreneurship elements.  We canvas the community by interviewing stakeholders, conducting workshops, attending events, and performing secondary research.  Transparency within the community is critical to wholly understanding how to catalyze job growth and business startups.   With data collected, we can identify barriers to successful venturing and propose impactful solutions.


Building community through organization

With a complete understanding of the community, we can ideate strategies and organize members who drive positive change.  We work within communities at a broad level or ecosystem component level.  Through a collaborative process we engage community members in the co-creation and design of pilot programs.  Our engagement can be sought in the creation of startup accelerators, entrepreneurship training, event hosting, or program management.  We deliver the community a detailed vision and plan of action for increasing entrepreneurial venturing and creating jobs.


Turning organization into job creation

Once a clear vision and plan are established, we work with the community’s champions to obtain resources and introduce effectual programs.  From launch we work within the community to target beneficiaries and deliver meaningful programming.  Measurement becomes a fundamental activity in maintaining relevance as programs adapt and grow with new information.  We make sure validated learning is occurring and programmatic decisions are made with all available data.


Scaling job growth through engagement systems

We maintain our engagement with a community long after programs have launched and successfully scaled.  Building relationships across markets and communities affords members entirely new opportunities for job growth.  We implement post-launch administrative systems to help programs run smoother and make reporting easier.  Our engagement can be secured through one-off occasions or continued through retainer.