College Services


We believe in a world where students build companies across campuses, institutions, and national borders.


Understanding institutional start-up goals

We conduct research on the university at an institutional, instructional, and participant level to identify key stakeholders and resources to leverage.  We do this by interviewing campus members, auditing curriculum, and performing secondary research.  Contextualizing the entrepreneurship experience on campus is critical to fully understanding start-up aspirations and outcomes.  From these insights, we can identify commercialization gaps and categorize potential opportunities.


Turning goals into learning experiences

Once the campus environment is mapped, we work collaboratively to define goals, set strategy, and delineate learning in action.  We co-create a curriculum blueprint at multiple levels and work to achieve buy-in from cross functional teams.  Program design and pilot program designation happen through a transparent iteration process involving university and community entrepreneurship champions.  We engage in the formation of accelerator programs, singular courses, immersion experiences, or technology transfer schemes, as well as the identification of funding structures.


Making entrepreneurship experiences accessible

With goals defined and strategies created, we work with university stakeholders to implement pilots and launch new curriculum.  Participants are engaged in a campus wide manner with clear messaging and deep networks.  We use validated learning through data collection to ensure programs adapt and grow with the entrepreneurs.  Measurement becomes a foundational activity in maintaining collegiate relevance.


Ensuring access is sustainable

We maintain contact with campus entrepreneurship champions after programs have launched and scalability reached.  Curriculum updates and access to a peer network of other programs ensure initiatives preserve relevance.  Quality assurance and structured reporting become important with programmatic growth.  Our management systems and administrative support can be secured through one-off occasions or continued through retainer.