About Liddy Enterprises

With over 25 years of startup, corporate, and consulting experience, we bring a unique perspective to any problem. We make it our mission to act fast and communicate transparently across boundaries to co-create prosperity for our clients.

At Liddy Enterprises we believe innovation, venture creation, and market commercialization are achieved through open communication and collaboration across multiple verticals. We work directly with our clients and their key stakeholders to identify strategic growth opportunities and execute evolving strategies which drive change.

Our focus on speed makes the implementation of new projects efficient and sustainable. Continual iteration informed by data collection allows our projects to grow with customer demand and adapt to changing markets.

We treat each client as if they are our only customer. We take a hands-on approach no matter the organizations size, complexity, or location. We have worked with world renowned universities, high growth corporations, small businesses, metropolitan and rural municipalities, and non-governmental organizations.

We look forward to working with you and co-creating a prosperous future for your organization.