Liddy Enterprises is an innovation management agency passionate about helping
clients achieve lasting growth in complex markets.


  • Building Strategic Growth Systems

    Strategic growth is easy to say but much harder to achieve. We bring our nearly 25 years of corporate and startup experience to bear by making it our mission to help your company commercialize its game changing products or services through innovation systems and processes.

  • Creating Jobs Through Collaboration

    Jobs are the essence of your community and job growth means prosperity for the entire ecosystem. We work directly with your business owners and employers to pinpoint under serviced sectors and co-create growth opportunities through entrepreneurship financing and support structures.

  • Helping Grow Student Entrepreneurs

    Students at your university are creating products and services which will be the next great $10 million, $100 million, or even $1 billion business. We help your institution find, engage with, and grow these entrepreneurial leaders through experiential learning and immersion programs.